Air Filtration Systems in Alexandria, VA

The air that circulates in your home needs to be clean, free of allergens, excessive dust and debris. But sometimes, a general furnace filter isn’t enough to eliminate these things from your airflow. If you find yourself with overstimulated allergies, dry skin or a scratchy throat, poor air quality might be the problem. Let A Action Heating & Air Conditioning introduce you to indoor air quality solutions that give you back quality, comfortable, breathable air.

We specialize in bringing Alexandria, VA homeowners a variety of air filtration systems and air conditioning systems. Let us talk with you about your needs and make a recommendation that offers noticeable results in your home.

  • Air Filtration Systems

    When’s the last time you changed your furnace filter? Air filtration is an important part of HVAC maintenance, and it’s one we emphasize to our customers. We can help identify air quality issues in your home—such as excessive pet dander or smoke—and recommend different furnace filters to combat them, including HEPA filters. In many cases, we also recommend standalone air filtration systems that integrate directly with your forced air system.

  • Humidifiers

    Dry air can be a problem for many people, as it often irritates skin conditions and leads to raspy breathing. Let us introduce you to a humidifier that conditions your air with just the right amount of moisture. We install humidifiers that help combat dry winter months and balance the humidity in your home, without encouraging mold or mildew due to excessive humidity.

  • UV Light Systems

    For Alexandria, VA residents with extreme allergies or those with sensitive skin, superior air quality is important. It’s why we recommend a UV light installation as part of your air handling system. UV light systems eradicate 99.9% of pathogens, to stop microbes, bacteria, mold, pollen and other allergens from getting into your recirculated air. It’s your best defense against poor air quality!

Breathe Deep with Comfort

Every breath you take at home deserves to be comfortable and enjoyable. Let A Action Heating & Air Conditioning provide you with an indoor air quality solution that keeps your air clean, comfortable and properly conditioned. Give us a call today at 703-922-1900 to have your air quality tested and to get a recommendation from our experienced team of HVAC professionals.