Attic Fans in Alexandria, VA

The importance of an attic fan cannot be understated. Every Alexandria, VA homeowner needs to have an attic fan installation that’s tested and working efficiently. Without it, your home could experience all types of troubles—including mold growth, HVAC stress and problems with your attic’s insulation.

If you don’t have an attic fan or yours isn’t working properly, put in a call to A Action Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re the expert on attic fans and have a trained, highly experienced group of technicians who are committed to making your life easier.

  • What is an Attic Fan?

    Attic fans are an essential part of your home’s heating and cooling system. Heat naturally rises and will ultimately get trapped in attic space. This, coupled with your roof’s direct exposure to sunlight, can elevate your attic to a blazing 160°! Poor insulation, and tiny openings around light fixtures and attic access doors can constantly transfer these temperatures into living spaces, making them hot, humid and difficult to sleep in.

    Attic fans help circulate air flow throughout your attic, which can lower room temperatures, lengthen the life of your roof, help save you money on your air conditioning costs, and keep your attic dry during winter months. When the temperature climbs above 82°F and you decide to use air conditioning, you can shut the windows and crank up the air knowing that the attic fan will save up to 30% on cooling costs by getting rid of trapped hot air in attics.

  • What Happens Without an Attic Fan?

    As temperatures rise in your attic, that heat pours into your living space. Even with energy efficient windows in place, this heat becomes trapped and your air conditioning system battles to keep ahead of the heat coming down.

    Heat and moisture trapped in your attic can also damage the roof shingles, the wood sheathing the shingles are attached to, the drywall over your top level, the insulation and any items you may have stored in your attic. Moisture can even cause mold and mildew to grow which is a safety concern for you and your family!

  • Why Get an Attic Fan Installed?

    Having an attic fan will not only make your home more comfortable, it will also prolong the life of your attic, roof and all materials associated with them. It will reduce the amount of time your A/C runs and promotes healthy ventilation.

    Attic fans create a positive air-flow through your attic that does not rely on wind or require excessive passive venting. Excessive passive venting can cause moisture infiltration in the form of snow or rain. The attic fan is normally mounted up on the roof of the home toward the back, about two feet down from the peak. It goes on and off automatically with a thermostat, so it only runs when it is beneficial. The attic fan has a flashing that fits in with the shingles and is water-proof. Attic fans use less than 300 Watts, and offer these important advantages:

    • Lowers upstairs room temperatures by 10°
    • Lengthens roof life by keeping shingles cooler
    • With an optional humidistat, keeps attics dry during winter months
    • Saves up to 30% on air-conditioning costs

    The exact savings depends on several factors like the color of your roof, if the home is shaded, the amount of insulation you have, and the efficiency of your cooling system.

    Ideally, an attic fan installation will pay for itself within three years. A high-quality attic fan is recommended, along with a heavy screen to keep out pests. All metal construction is preferred, as plastic fans do not hold up as well and over time will crack.

We Make You a Priority

It gets hot in Alexandria, VA and your attic can easily reach temperatures above 120° in the peak summer months! Let A Action Heating & Air Conditioning introduce you to a system to keep things cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days. Call us today at 703-922-1900 to discuss attic fan installations and the benefits that come with one