Prepare for Summer with This AC Checklist

While spring is known as the time of year to clean the house and start sprucing up your yard, it’s also an ideal time to prepare your air conditioner. If you want to keep your family cool before the hot weather hits, you need to be sure your air conditioning unit is ready to go the moment you adjust your thermostat. Before summer arrives in Alexandria, VA, follow this AC checklist for summer.

Create a clear path for air to reach the unit

Begin the spring preparation of your AC unit in Alexandria, VA by removing any outdoor cover, if you have one. The air conditioner can’t “breathe” without removal of the cover, so this should be your first step. Once the cover’s off, make sure there’s a clear path of air to the unit by trimming back any plant matter, including shrubs, trees and grass.

Clean the unit

Start cleaning the air conditioner by spraying the exterior with a garden hose, but be sure not to use too much force to keep from damaging the fragile fins on the outside of the unit. It’s also recommended that you clean behind the cover to maximize performance and efficiency when you use your air conditioner.

It may be best to rely on your local HVAC technician to handle this task, since they understand how to clean the fins without damaging them. During their cleaning, they’ll also check the wires and tubing that lead from the unit into your house, repairing any missing or cracked insulation when necessary.

Clean interior components of the HVAC system

The next step in your AC checklist for summer should be a thorough cleaning of all interior registers and air vents. Be sure to vacuum around the ductwork and remove the grates, vacuuming around the edges and inside to make sure they’re free of all dust and potential allergens. It’s also helpful to clean the ductwork itself, which should be done annually by a professional to promote good indoor air quality.

Replace the HVAC filters

Air filters get clogged with dust and dirt very easily, and they directly impact the performance of your AC unit. You can do this yourself or rely on the expertise of a professional technician, who can also provide you with the ideal size filter for your needs. It’s a small investment that saves you money on your energy bills and prolongs the life of your HVAC system.

Test the thermostat

A failed thermostat affects the performance of your air conditioner. After you’ve performed the steps above, test the thermostat to make sure it’s accurately measuring indoor air temperature. You can do this by turning on the heat function of your thermostat until the temperature hits 70 degrees. Switch the thermostat to AC and set it to 65. If the air conditioning system doesn’t activate, you might have a thermostat problem that requires a professional fix.

It’s always best to have a professional technician perform spring preparation for your AC unit before the weather gets hot in Alexandria, VA. Contact A Action Home Services today to learn more about preparing your air conditioner for the summer weather the right way.

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