Avoid Home Floods with a Moen Flo

Water damage is the most likely cause of home insurance claims. It is five times more likely to occur than theft, and six times more likely than a house fire. One way to avoid water damage is to install a water leak detector. The Moen Flo is one such detector that uses smart technology to alert you to leaks and water waste. Here is an overview of how Flo by Moen works in your Alexandria, VA home.

Installation and operation

Moen calls Flo a “water security system.” It includes a motorized valve that you install on your water main. Since cutting into your main water supply can be a major undertaking for some homeowners, and will result in bad consequences if done incorrectly, most homeowners have the valve professionally installed.

The valve measures water pressure, temperature and flow. It will perform a daily “health test” to ensure your plumbing works within desired parameters. These tests will not shut down your plumbing—if you need to run the dishwasher or flush a toilet, it will stop the test long enough for you to complete these tasks.

All the information it collects is sent to your mobile device. That way, if there are major changes, you can decide if your plumbing system requires repair.

If water flows too fast or for too long, Flo headquarters calls you to let you know that there is a problem. The Flo will shut off the water if you do not respond in a timely manner. If you are home at the time and merely watering the lawn, filling the pool or performing any other activity that increases water demand, you can press “2” on your phone and indicate that all is well. But if there is an emergency, the Flo shuts down the water before it causes serious damage.

Benefits of the Moen Flo

It is difficult to detect water leaks, and many homeowners only discover them after the basement floods or a ceiling rots out. This will end with serious repair bills or the long process of an insurance claim. Anyone who has been through that knows it’s a scenario to avoid.

Flo also detects issues before they become major problems. If there is the potential of a leak or other plumbing damage, it will show up in the data sent to your Flo app. That way, you can call in a plumber to check out the issue and avoid the worst-case scenarios.

You can also save money. Leaks frequently inflate water bills. If you can find a leak before you receive your bill, you can prevent that episode of sticker shock. Flo also helps detect water waste, so if a toilet runs continuously or your children fail to turn faucets off all the way, you will learn of those problems too and be able to address them.

A water leak detector in Alexandria, VA can be a vital part of protecting your home. Now that you know how Flo by Moen works, perhaps you may wish to install one and avoid water damage in the future. A Action Home Services can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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